Bankruptcy Mandatory Mortgage Mediation: Banks Can’t Say Lost the Docs #6

Countless homeowners have had the frustration of sending required documents to the mortgage servicers only to be told the servicer never received the docs or cannot find them.  The owner might have proof of submission by fax or overnight delivery.

No longer!   The new bankruptcy mediation program will solve the problem of the servicer losing documents.

How is this possible?  The bankruptcy mediation program will use an online portal.  Documents will be uploaded through this portal which the servicer receives.  The debtor will have a record of all uploaded documents.  The mediator also has access to the portal.

This portal is not new for modifications, but the system has been updated to accommodate the needs of the new bankruptcy mandatory mediation program for the Southern District of Florida.  The Middle District of Florida program, which claims a 76% success rate, did not have the benefit of this online portal.

(Note the program applies to a Miami bankruptcy, a Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy, a Boca Raton bankruptcy, a West Palm Beach bankruptcy, and surrounding areas.)


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