Bankruptcy Mandatory Mortgage Mediation: Easier to Communicate With Creditors #4

During bankruptcy a debtor’s chapter 13 attorney might be able to better communicate with the lender’s attorney.   This might be a more subjective and anecdotal observation, but let me explain.

We all know how difficult it can be to speak with anyone during a state court foreclosure.  However, in bankruptcy, experienced debtor’s  counsel typically has routine dealings with the lender’s bankruptcy counsel.   As a creditor’s attorney stated at an 8 hour bankruptcy mortgage modification seminar I attended, large creditor firms typically have a small bankruptcy department to monitor and coordinate the bank’s representation.

As a result, I often know and can contact directly the attorney needed to help resolve an issue.  I do not want to overstate this point, and must still observe that the creditor’s attorney still must get answers from the lender,  but the communication in bankruptcy is still better I suspect then dealing with state court foreclosure mills.

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