Broward County Foreclosure Update

Some interesting information was presented at this week’s South Broward Bar Association luncheon by the current foreclosure judge, Judge Marina Garcia-Wood.(All residential foreclosures are now assigned to her; commercial foreclosures and association foreclosures are still assigned to other judges) Approximately 42,000 foreclosures are pending in Broward County. About 1500 foreclosures are being filed per month with about the same number being completed. Approximately 8500 cases are dormant.

At each morning motion calendar and at each 1:30 p.m calendar there are typically over 100 cases scheduled. Special settings are not being scheduled to June. The judicial assistant receives 100 voice messages a day, so do not expect a call back. If a true emergency hearing is needed, come to chambers.

Meanwhile, as reported in the press this week, David Stern is being sued for $60,000,000 for fraud when he took his mortgage processing company public(his law firm was the only client, which is now out of business)

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