Means Test Seminar a Success

Yesterday, April 8, 2011, as Chair of the Bankruptcy Section of the Broward County Bar Association, I moderated a panel discussion on the means test. We had 50 registrants(more than capacity) and 10-15 more called at the last minute and could not attend due to the number of registrants. Due to the interest in this program, it is likely we will attempt to repeat the means test seminar.

Some of the attendees were “veterans” in bankrutpcy practice who attended means test seminars back when the law changed in 2005. Most attending were new to bankruptcy and had never attended a means test seminar. Even for the experienced practitioners, we are aware that there are still many open issues, and that there are several techniques that can be used for the means test. Strategies and planning are important to obtain the best results for consumer debtors.

As a Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney, I continually strive to be up to date on all means test issues to properly represent our consumer debtor clients. We can also better represent our business clients by understanding when the means test is not required.

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