New Means Test Figures Effective November 15

The means test figures change nationwide on November 15, 2013.  Cases filed after that date will use new numbers based on US Census Figures.   The median income based on household size changes.  As to a Florida means test,  strangely the income change is lower for household sizes of 1, 3, and 4, but higher as to household size of 2.  The difference is small, except as to a household of 4  the median income is almost $2,000 lower.

The median income is as follows:

  1. Household size 1        $41,334
  2. Household size 2          51,389
  3. Household size 3          53,952
  4. Household size 4          63,196, plus $8100 for each additional person.

A further explanation of the means test and median income can be reviewed at my website by clicking the above Florida means test link.


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